Thursday, December 30, 2004

They Stole Election! Dominionist NeoFascist Cult - Antidemocratic : Axis of Logic articles

They Stole Election! Dominionist NeoFascist Cult - Antidemocratic : Axis of Logic articlesby JamBoi

Thu Dec 30th, 2004 at 19:18:22 PSTFrom recent Axis of Logic articles re: the threat of NeoFascism on our constitutional democracy under the guise of Dominionist cult. (Emphasis by bolding and parenthesized editorial notes are mine):

Living Under Fascism
By Rev Davidson Loehr
"...America must become a theocracy under the control of ... Dominionists. Robertson is on record saying democracy is a terrible form of government unless it is run by (Dominionists)."

Ohio Vote Fraud Battle Heats Up

By Katherine Yurica
"If the Rev. Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and other leaders of the Dominionist movement tell Americans that it is all right for Mr. Bush to take the oath of office even if he is not the duly elected president-elect, then Americans have lost their spiritual and moral compass beyond anything any of us could imagine. For one thing, it dooms Mr. Bush to a cloud of suspicion. Republicans ought more than anyone to insist that all the votes be counted."

Backward Christian Soldiers

By Robyn E. Blumnet
"What we are experiencing is the rise of Dominion ... ideology says (Dominionists) must begin to take over all secular institutions of government, reclaiming them for (the Dominionist cultic version of Jesus Christ). It is seen as a readying for the (Dominionist's cultic version of the) Second Coming. See for more information.
"Our aim is to gain dominion over society," Pat Robertson told a gathering in 1984. He later described how this would be accomplished: By gaining a working control of the Republican Party.

And they've succeeded.

In 2004, 41 out of 51 Republican senators were given 100 percent ratings by the (Dominionist) Christian Coalition for their votes on behalf of fundamentalist issues. Meanwhile, 31 out of 48 Democrats scored zero. Similar splits can be found in the House, where Minority Leader Tom DeLay expressly uses dominionist language.
During a "Worldview Weekend" conference in 2002, he said: "(God) is using me, all the time, everywhere, to stand up for a biblical worldview in everything that I do.""


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