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Madsen: Dominionist Religious Cult Behind Nationwide Election Fraud(?)

Madsen: Dominionist Religious Cult Behind Nationwide Election Fraud(?)
by JamBoi

Wed Dec 22nd, 2004 at 20:35:04 PST
I had the privilege to talk to investigative reporter Wayne Madsen recently and found that his Votergate 2004 investigation has taken an interesting turn.  He now strongly suspects that a number of interlocking networks of 1) true-believing religious right Dominionists, 2) PNAC NeoConservatives and 3) cynical corporate greedheads (I'm borrowing that apt term from Bruce Cockburn) have come together to perpetrate amazingly widespread vote rigging.  He believes the election fraud was so widespread that it not only tipped the election in Ohio in favor of Bush, but actually padded the national popular vote in favor of Bush and turned a number of U.S. Senate and House races in favor of the Republican contestants.

A fitting introduction to this new line of investigation comes from a recent e-mail Madsen sent me regarding this unholy alliance:
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Madsen's e-mail:

(Quoted with only slight editing)

"From: WMadsen
Date: Sat, 11 Dec 2004
Subject: Re: Kudos to you from Air America Founder
To: JamBoi
In a message dated 12/10/2004 jamboi writes:
The founder of Air America was just on Mike Malloy and he said, that his next project is to create/fund a group of TRUE Investigative journalists that don't have to worry about losing their jobs like those in Corporate owned media.... great idea! He even mentioned the voter fraud, and said that we need real reporters on the ground to investigate like a Madsen or Greg Palast type.

(Madsen Replied)
sorry I've been underground for a while...this investigation has brought me back to my hometown of Arlington VA and a bunch of worrisome GOP/Christian/fundie rich people who were likely running Mr. Feeney in FL. I may be out of touch for a few days but what I can say is that the people in charge of the USA right now are extreme wackos who are bent on the End Times and an extinction level event. I covered Rwanda genocide and Middle East terrorism but never encountered anything as crazy as these people.

Clarification: What follows is my attempt to convey the essence of what Madsen spoke about. Its not a straight interview format, but rather includes my personal input into where this investigation is going. When I use the word "I" below I mean me, JamBoi. In this way I'll try to distinguish in my writing between my contributions and what Madsen has come up with.

What would motivate these seemingly disparate groups to work together?
The connection that between these various groups seems to be the attitude that "might makes right" or "the end justifies the means". While the Dominionists are austensibly highly religious and one might think therefore highly ethical, aparently the philosophical or theological conviction that Christs' return and reign must play out in the near term exactly as they interpret the Bible, even if that requires that they manipulate history, lie, cheat and steal to ensure it. The PNACer NeoCon and cynical corporate greedhead elements looking to create an American new World Order and profit from it are less mysterious, more familiar to liberals and therefore requires less explanation to this audience.

Okay, what happens when you slam these three sets of Wing nuts together? 1) A mix of fanatical, no-holds-barred wackiligious, 2) PNAC/NeoCon cynical crypto- and outright fascist (ie. G. Gordon Liddy) types and 3) the corporate uber alles types. And all three's interests seem to coincide in the re-election of Bush by any means necessary. Voila. Exreme ideologues all. Delusion-based rather than reality-based. The bottom line on the this alliance's outlook seems to be something to the effect that we can alter reality to align with our ideals if we apply enough belief and force (and perhaps in this case outright election fraud).

Madsen's thinking is that there may not be one giant conspiracy involved here, but rather interelated small conspiracies that spontaneously spring up and happen to have similar aims and methods. A sort of organic coincidental conspiracy if you will. (Now we can get both the Coincidence Theorists and the Conspiracy Theorists together on the same page). :-) Structuraly these folks ironically would have a very similar networking structure as Al Queda and other revolutionary groups. Few would know much beyond their little picture or have insight into the extent of penetration or the corruption of their actions. In this scenario even many of the folks involved in it would not believe the overall effect and might even tend to dismiss it as "conspiracy theory."

Where I (JamBoi) am coming from on the religious question:
First in the interests of full disclosure I need to explain something. I'm in extreme pain to have to report these disturbing allegations. Why? Because I myself am an Evangelical Christian. I am among tne of the 30% Progressive Evangelical Christians of the same ilk as Jim Wallace of Sojourners or Tony Campolo or the folks at LiberalsLikeChrist, or the UCC running their inclusivity ads right now. My heroes other than Jesus are C.S. Lewis, Detrich Bonhoeffer, MLK, Bishop Tutu, and Gandhi. I have extensive ties and history also with my more conservative and even fundamentalist Christian Evangelical bretheren and sisteren and am no knee-jerk liberal. Other heroes of mine include Billy Graham, Jim Elliot and many others. It is deeply ingrained in me to try to walk the middle way, the "via media" as the Anglican church calls it. Therefore as a "radical moderate" and Born Again believer in Jesus I have ties across the board with Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic as well as Protestant, Charismatic and Pentacostal. I believe in the full body of Christ working together, no matter what the denominational stylistic concerns to reflect God's love to all people everywhere. Therefore I can not help but regard at least the sincere believers that are caught up in this craziness as misguided brothers and sisters of mine. It gives me absolutely NO PLEASURE whatsoever to call these people out on the carpet. My attitude is consistently to give folks the benefit of the doubt until they earn distrust. I was even reluctant to oppose the likes of Falwell until his words and actions went so far that I can no longer see how his philosophy, theology and practice are connected with Jesus.

Therefore in this article and in my writing in general I will refrain from calling these folks "Christian" as I don't see the connection between Jesus Christ and what they are up to. I do not wish to judge their salvation state, but I must call into question their thinking and acting which is endangering the underpinnings of our constitutional democracy. Therefore throughout my writings on these groups of people I will not honor them with terms like "Christian" or "Evangelical" or even "Fundamentalist" anything, but rather pin them with titles I think more accurately portray their far, far out extremeist views, like "Wackiligious" or at most "Religious Right." Probably the most accurate term is simply "Dominionist", or Reconstructionist. I know all too well that by far most folks in the Evangelical and even Fundamentalist camps have nothing to do with these wackos and have probably never even heard of them as even I hadn't until recently. Like all groups the right wing of the Christian church is a subspectrum of the larger spectrum of Christians and it would be grossly unfair, innacurate and destructive if we were to paint everyone on the right side of the aisle with a single broad brush. Its the Dominionists that are the problem here. Admittedly they are having an effect way beyond their numbers by hijacking the right. So if we can precisely target this particular dangerous strain we can win friends and influence people without alienating and destroying the millions of innocent conservatives completely unaware of this insidious disease. We must avoid "collateral damage" in our incinderiary bomb throwing.

If readers will do research into Dominionism they'll find out just how nutty these wackiligious types are and how dangerous their ideas could be. I have some starter references below in this article. Researching the NeoCons and PNAC will yeild similar fright. Unfortunately these are the folks that are in power right now and may have gotten there through fraudulent means.

Madsen's Investigation Points:
The Prison Connection:

The place that these three strains may come together ironically is in prison! Many may recall the prison ministries of Chuck Colson and others. It severely depresses me to speculate that it may just possible that impressionable newly Born Agains in prisons are being recruited. Recruited and swept back into nefarious plots to force-function their literalistic understanding of the End Times, the Anti-Christ and the Millenium and The Rapture. More on this connection later...

"The Family" connection:
There is a group called "The Fellowship" or "The Family" which sponsors the national and state Prayer Breakfasts. He said that the group started in the 1930's and over time has grown into a Dominionist power house. He said its managed to keep an extremely low profile while creating an extensive behind the scenes network that reaches into a mind-boggling number of nooks and crannies. He mentioned Meese and Ashcroft as being members. If I remember right I think he mentioned Feeney and De Lay also as being members (and they are prominent drivers behind the election fraud in his view).

Dominionist Role in this:
Madsen is wondering if we can help the research effort by digging up connections between the various voting machine companies and the Dominionists. For example Rapp with Triad, O'Dell with Diebold and Ahmanson of ES&S. We can help him and our selves by exploring any possible Dominionist connections with these members of the voting machine Co.s.

As BartBoris mentions in his comments below, Katherine Yurica writes a chilling account in
The Despoiling of America: How George W. Bush became the head of the new American Dominionist Church/State
. She describes how Dominionists who have come to embrace the most anti-Jesus, Machiavelian philosophy imaginable by the likes of PNACer Michael Ledeen and his bud Pat Robertson and describes the philosophical underpinnings of the NeoCons and Dominionists as provided by Leo Straus.

Here's a post on DU that further describes this article:

63355, Republican Dominionist rulers
Posted by sattahipdeep on Mon Jul-19-04 09:16 AM
This article is the documented story of how a political religious movement called Dominionism gained control of the Republican Party, then took over Congress, then took over the White House, and now is sealing the conversion of America to a theocracy by taking over the American Judiciary. It’s the story of why and how the wrath of God Almighty will be unleashed against the middle class, against the poor, and against the elderly and sick of this nation by George W. Bush and his army of Republican Dominionist rulers.

"The Lord has just blessed him," Robertson said of Bush. "I mean, he could make terrible mistakes and comes out of it. It doesn't make any difference what he does, good or bad, God picks him up because he's a man of prayer and God's blessing him."

Ledeen writes:

Just as the quest for peace at any price invites war and, worse than war, defeat and domination, so good acts sometimes advance the triumph of evil, as there are circumstances when only doing evil ensures the victory of a good cause. (p. 93)

I don't have a link off the top of my head, but I recently saw a talk by Mark Crispin Miller on C-SPAN book events that went into these very same scarey people. Here's an article by progressive Christians explaining the unholy link between Dominionim, PNACers, Machiavelli, Straus:
RELIGIOUS WRONG: They want to convert America's Democracy into a Biblical Theocracy


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