Friday, December 17, 2004

Bush's High Crimes: Replaying Madsen's 4th Votergate Story

Bush's High Crimes: Replaying Madsen's 4th Votergate Story
by JamBoi

Fri Dec 17th, 2004 at 15:57:00 PST
Replaying Wayne Madsen's very long, detailed and very damning 4th article re: Votergate. Especially enjoyable are the last few paragraphs discussing what Madsen terms "high crimes" that he alleges the * folks have committed. This article focuses primarily on past elections, that lead back to the White House and the Florida governor. Note that Madsen claims the disaffected CIA is behind these leaks in attempt to bring down *.

JamBoi's note:
I think its absolutely necessary to exercise
healthy skepticism in these matters.
We don't know which parts of Madsen's narrative will be solidly validated and which parts will prove fleeting, and that's a good point that you make that all of us need to keep this in mind. I've decided to put the Madsen theories here in this blog at DailyKoss and put my Recount04 reportingover at my blog at . Thanks!

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The story of this corruption is nothing new. What is new is the purpose. The use of this old and covert tranche of money for a special Bush operation to deny the American people their right to a free and fair vote was not the typical illegal sale of arms to a terrorist nation, the overthrow of a foreign government, or the payment of bribes to foreign potentates. It was a high crime in every constitutional sense. The target was the American political system and not just in 2004 but also in 2003, 2002, and 2000. The scandal goes right up to the White House and the Governor's Mansion in Tallahassee. It involves an extremely crooked Florida national politician and other Florida state government officials. And, as with all modern American political scandals, we have at least one dead body, a number of whistleblowers and anonymous "Deep Throats," powerful but corrupt politicians, counterfeit and real documents, con men, and a money trail tied to off-shore foreign bank accounts.

People may wonder why a group of intelligence insiders would come forward to a non-major media outlet with such tantalizing information at this time. The corporate-beholden media cannot be trusted to report such a news story. A common theme from all the intelligence and ex-intelligence officials with whom I have communicated is that George W. Bush made a major mistake in attacking and purging the clandestine service of the CIA. The "agency," which extends far beyond the confines of Langley, Virginia, is having its revenge. It has willingly exposed a portion of a traditional clandestine CIA money route to expose the vote scam that was used to ensure Bush's election.

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