Saturday, December 18, 2004

Connecting Madsen's Dots, part I: My Approach

[JamBoi Note: I originally published this article on my account at dailyKos which has since been unjustly frozen due to kos' Surrender Monkey/Fainthearted Faction leanings. So I backed up all the Madsen-related articles from to this blog.]

Connecting Madsen's Dots, part I: My Approach
by JamBoi

Sat Dec 18th, 2004 at 12:00:40 PST
I must confess that I do not have the mental facility that a person like Wayne Madsen has to do the whodunnit, clue, connect-the-dots thing. I am good at spotting things that are of significance, but I'm perhaps not the greatest at putting all the points together. I'm slow at some realizations that come naturally and quickly to even maybe most others, and very quick to pick up on things that most others miss. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses.

:: JamBoi's diary :: So while I have a lot of data from WM, I must be honest and say up front that I don't know how or if these dots will be validated or be deadends or simply fictions. Nevertheless I feel they are far too important to not be examined, so I feel compelled to put them out to be looked at. I'm still learning the best way to communicate that my attitude is one of what I believe to be healthy skepticism. I try to balance both earned trust with self-preserving skepticism. I fully agree that if WM's charges are true they are really far more monstrous than anything I previously would or could have entertained. It would amount to what I'm calling "SloMoCoup II", the first being 2000 (though I realize the implication that other "coups" like JFK may prove out also if this current scandal is true).

So what I'm trying to do here in this blog is to assemble the dots as best I understand them. Some of them no doubt will prove to be unfruitfull dead ends, red herrings, or downright disinformation that others have fed Wayne Madsen. Nevertheless in my contact with WM I have come to trust him at least to the extent that I believe he's got something important to say and its worth at least taking a look at.

I'm still trying to figure out how DK technology works and the community standards, so please have patience with me as I stumble in through your door. I hope I will not serve to bring your standards down but will learn and adapt to your customs here. Please forgive me as I try to "learn your ropes". I will endevour to present the "dots" in a cold, clear, objective analytical light and let the readers take it for what its worth or ignore it as they see fit.

What I want to do in this series (Connecting Madsen's Dots) is to give the overarching themes. That was proved extremely difficult for me to do amongst the dynamic thread message board technology that DU uses and I was hoping to do some of this at Demopedia, but unless/until I recieve posting privileges back there I'll have to do what I can here. I think in some ways this might work even better anyway for certain things so I'll give it whirl.

Enjoy your Saturday!



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