Saturday, December 18, 2004

Connecting Madsen's Dots, part II: Russian Programmer/Techs

Connecting Madsen's Dots, part II: Russian Programmer/Techs
by JamBoi

Sat Dec 18th, 2004 at 20:45:24 PST
There's a number of Madsens dots to be connected, but personally I'm most interested in the actual programmer/techs who did the rigging itself, so let me start there. Madsen thinks Russian expats were heavily involved. I'll post on the other "dots" in later diaries.
[JamBoi's note:
I think its absolutely necessary to exercise healthy skepticism in these matters. We don't know which parts of Madsen's narrative will be solidly validated and which parts will prove fleeting, and that's a point that all of us need to keep in mind. ] :: JamBoi's diary :: Madsen wrote: "Russian hackers were definitely involved I'm told.

It is the Russians who are key.
I need to find out if any election techs/ programmers were illegal Russian nationals working here or if they are Russian Green Card holders in the US, if they ever worked for Enron in Houston."
Here are some points that research has turned up. Some (or possibly even all) of these may turn out to be dead ends.:

  • The largest employer of Russian expat computer programmers in Houston was Enron.
  • Rumor has it that some of these programmers/techs worked at Enron before they worked at a subcontractor for Diebold.
  • Enron files still have contact for these Russians.

  • Horn is connected to a Bush money tranchant used by Houston politicos.
  • Horn served as a decoy with the phony $29 Mil check which was supposed to look like it was the money to pay the grumbling unpaid programmer/techs.
  • Meanwhile in the background NASA Houston contracts were used to funnel money to develop vote rigging software and to pay the Russian programmers via NASA Chief Sean O'Keefe - Cheney's buddy.
  • There's some kind of connection between Five Star and the programmers who rigged the election.
  • Native Dallas son Oliver Buck Revell runs Vancouver (BC, CA) based Imagis and there is said to be a connection involving Revell, Imagis, Vancouver and the Diebold Russian election programmers.

[JamBoi Note: I'm likely update this diary at a later point with additional points, links and such. If so I'll note it here and also in later diaries so that folks will need to revisit this diary to gather it all in.]


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