Tuesday, December 21, 2004

FBI Direct Quote: Torture "authorized by President"

FBI Direct Quote: Torture "authorized by President"
by JamBoi

Tue Dec 21st, 2004 at 23:24:46 PST

Looking at one of the FBI e-mails the ACLU has obtained by FoIA I encourage you to look at it for yourself. I found two direct quotes that really opened my eyes:
"The things our personnel witnessed (but did not participate in) were authorized by the President under his Executive Order."
and again:

"We are aware that prior to the revision in policy last week, an Executive Order signed by President Bush authorized the following interrogation techniques among others..." (followed by list of descipable unthinkable techniques that no patriotic American should ever be caught dead involved in).

Tied Directly to Bush according to the FBI.
See also this CBS/AP report. (ADDRESS CORRECTED)

Please take my poll re: Did Bush personally sign the Executive Order for Torture? (Gee is he really the original "torture guy" rather than Gonzales?) JamBoi's diary ::


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